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List of 10 Business dissertation proposal examples for 2021

Chose a topic that explores both the theoretical and practical aspects of business? Got it approved? Great! Started collecting data for your research? Fantastic! Something is still missing though. Have you wondered how you are going to present your idea officially? You know that dissertation is the next step, but what is the first one? Yep, you guessed it, research proposal! Your supervisor requires a thorough description of your research problem. How you are going to solve it? What sources do you intend to check for the collection of your data? What methods will you be using in your solution? All of this is incorporated in your research proposal.

We know that ain’t an easy task. Sometimes you just want to get this over with. You may even think “I can simply Pay Someone to Do My Dissertation for Me UK instead”. We think you should toss this thought out of your mind. It is your research work and nobody can do it better than you. So grab on tight, ’cause we are going to show you how this is done!

Shared Leadership in a Self-Managing Team

This sample; for example, shows how you can up and go to the topic straight away. There is no need to stop for unnecessary complexities. The writer proposes the topic. Then as shown in the sample, he just jumps directly to the purpose of the research. This shows the level of focus the writer kept in mind while writing the proposal. The supervisor won’t need to wait till the end to find what the writer is trying to imply. He finds the aims of the study directly on the first page.

Building a Recreational Centre to Observe Recreational Management

This example is briefly explained under several headings. The writer seems to focus on dividing his ideas into several categories. Remember the KISS Principle? No? Let us elaborate it for you: “KEEP IT SIMPLE, SILLY!” the writer has used the same adage to go with the proposal. This format keeps things categorized and clean. No hotchpotch here and there. Briefly introducing your points so that the supervisor can under what you intend to say right from the get-go is one way to get a proposal with a high acceptance rate.

A Case Study on Corn Marketing Program of Michigan

This one keeps things professional and well-organized. The proposal under discussion aims to research and demonstrate the initiatives taken in the promotion of the corn industry – Michigan’s staple food source and a crop in abundance. The study reflects the interests of the corn industry. Forming postulates of the main purpose of research. He further directs the course the proposal will take to put forward its basic argument. That is, to increase the economic position of Michigan corn farming, promoting growth and expansion of the corn industry in Michigan through international and local market development strategies that will stimulate the demand for corn.

Marketing Information and Management Systems

In this research proposal, the writer has attempted to go with a journalistic format for the proposal. This would enable him or her to introduce their key ideas and elaborate their aims and purpose. The writer introduces an abstract that will summarize whatever he intends to highlight. Highlighting the keywords shows what jargons are essential to this study. Such so, that it becomes easier for the supervisor to understand the core concept right from the beginning.

Analysis of Retention Schemes and Workplace Motivation

This proposal attempts to examine how employer rewards based on employee performance and effort are a means of ensuring staff motivation and output. A thorough explanation of the background of the topic sentence points to the type of research methodology that will be used. The writer elaborates his stance while citing references in the introduction. This shows what kind of references might be used in the dissertation.

Impact of Reward Management on Employment Retention

This research deals with the concept of proportionality between the retention of employees and incentive management. Since the topics given in samples 5 and 6 are almost similar. Moreover, their formatting has been pretty close in proximity. We can assume that sample 6 too, will take a more elaborative approach. The writer is thoroughly explaining the background of the topic statement. This may also imply that he might use a qualitative approach in the research. If you want to keep things simple while explaining your key argument, this might be your thing.

Marketing Strategies to Support Management Projections

Similar to sample 4, sample 7 is based on Marketing techniques and how they affect management projections. However, when you consider the sample formatting you will slight difference in the strategies employed in the two samples. The writer comes directly to the purpose of the research. After a brief explanation, he moves to the initial assessment. This allows the reader to delve into the topic right from the get-go. Giving some background in the introduction also helps in unfolding the key statement and how it may be presented.

Customer Satisfaction of HSBC Online Banking Services

As you can see, there is a brief research background given shown the main concern of the research. This study deals with analyzing the patterns of online banking services in HSBC, UK with regards to the customer satisfaction towards these services. Using postulates is one of the best ways to write a brief but gripping proposal. This; however, depends on your supervisor. Some research supervisors want to figure the basic stance the research will advance with. What better way to proceed with your proposal than by keeping it short.

Effectiveness of Total Quality Management (TQM) at Samsung

Using the case of Samsung, this research proposal tends to highlight how quality control is directly proportional to the advancement of the brand itself. The company through the years has been on a steady move towards evolution and improvisation. Since it is a case study the dissertation may use mixed research methodologies. The proposition will show how quality control is a key concept to increasing brand image and sales revenue.

Sample 10: Mediating Roles or Employee Performance

This case study focuses on the key points which build the organizational culture. It also allows the organizational structure to generate a sustainable competitive edge in the global or local market. The research proposal right from the start shows the approach it is going to take. Both the supervisor and a general reader can easily comprehend what the writer is trying to maintain. The writer first summarizes the argument. Then he or she moves to explain the objectives of this study. We can detect a classic move when we see one!

You need to make sure you double-check all of the important questions are answered. Proofread your proposal for further tweaks and fixes. Check if your content is plagiarism-free. Edit and reedit your proposal to cancel out spelling mistakes, spacing, grammatical and syntax errors. You don’t need to worry about your proposal anymore, just go ahead apply these steps. Once you do this, you can easily proceed without wondering “how I can Pay Someone to Do My Dissertation for Me UK?”

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