Key Points to Cater Before Starting a Dissertation!

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Key Points to Cater Before Starting a Dissertation!

It’s that time of the year for the undergraduates when they have to start their dissertation as they have been given a deadline. You just got a pdf of the dissertation handbook and you are just freaking out about how long the file took to download. Now you are just thinking of from where you should begin. You are also thinking of some who could Do My Dissertation UK. If you wish to do it yourself, then you should go through these points before you start.

Key Points


Titles of the dissertation should be listed beforehand so that you can easily divide your work in accordance with it. Titling should be done even before the introduction. Read the rubric really carefully and access its key points. Jot down the points and write them down so that you won’t miss them at the end.

Dissertation Topics

You first have to decide on a topic you want to pursue. Choosing a topic should be done very thoroughly. If you change your mind about the topic after working on it for some time, you would regret it and your time would be wasted. The dissertation topic should be related to your field so that you can be able to apply your knowledge and skills to the research. After choosing a topic, start asking your friends, peers, seniors, or your instructor what they think of the topic.

Research Methods

There are many methods you could use to research your topic. Reading an already existed research or a case study can be helpful to understand what your topic should possess and if you could add something new that was missing. Physical research methods include conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups. You also have to present the expected findings in which you have to show the results of the surveys. The sample size of your research should also be justified and well explained. You would be asked about all this from your supervisor while presenting your dissertation.

Formatting And Styles

Formatting the dissertation at the end should be really done accurately. After the submission, you won’t be able to do anything. Be aware of the paragraph spacing, font size, and labels that are already given to you in your rubric. You should choose a simple and unique style pattern for your dissertation which could attract the instructors to access it. Proofreading of the dissertation should be done carefully as no wrong facts should be published.

Finding Articles

Before selecting the topic, you should make a list of topics you can work on and check how much material you can extract from each one. You can find key articles and research projects on Google scholar. From the articles, you can make a list of the survey questions for your topic. Always take reference from reputed and trustworthy websites which provide authentic information. You have to provide references for your research that’s why your source should be genuine.


Your instructor will provide you with a dissertation handbook that includes all the methods and guidelines you would require. You should go through it carefully and work accordingly, or you would have to face many issues before submitting it. A small mistake in the start can become really grueling at the end. Consider every point the instructor explains to you. The Rubric provided by the instruction which contains the instructions for the dissertation should be strictly worked on. There should be no points contradicting those key points or you will have a lesser grade.


Conducting surveys and interviews for your research can be really tiring if you are doing it alone. Asking a friend for assistance can improve the quality of the research (surveys). Take assistance from your family and friends in collecting more data from their respective fields. Other universities can also be a part of your research and improve your accuracy.


You have to plan everything before you start your dissertation. A schedule should be made which should include your sleep pattern, tasks, and breaks. You should not be sleep-deprived as it could affect your productivity. Allot ample time to each task with some extra time to review it.

Analyzing yourself before starting a dissertation is also important. Your abilities should be in the perspective of your tasks. Your thinking time, typing or writing speed, and grammar and spelling skills should be accessed. Find an expert who could check your writing style and errors, and take meaningful feedbacks.

Your Data Analysis and Communication Skills

Finding accurate and worthy stats is quite difficult. You will have to compile your data and analyze it. Graphical representation is an appreciated method of presenting your findings. Find an expert who can do this accurately with a clear justification of the trends.

Communication is the key to practical research. The audience should be aware of what the research is about and from what perspective is the question being asked. The audience selected for the interviews and the surveys should be appropriate for the results or there could be errors if the target audience isn’t reached properly. Communication with strangers should be in a formal way that would make the stranger comfortable. Undergoing training for conducting interviews would be beneficial for your results.

These points would eradicate any initial mistakes you make while preparing to start a dissertation. If you are not willing to go through all these processes and methods, and still wondering who could Do My Dissertation UK, you just have to click on the link. Our experts are going to guide you and help you in all ways in which you can complete your dissertation.

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