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Free Proofreading Tools Online

Proofreading is the main step of writing. Whether you are writing an essay or a mail or doing your assignment, proofreading is compulsory. Now you must be thinking why is it compulsory to proofread your papers? You might see it as an unimportant task and boring but the fact is that it is very important. When we write in a flow, the chances of grammatical errors, typos and spelling mistakes increases. As a result, you might lose marks or have to face mockery for your errors from others. To save yourself from feeling stupid, you should do proofreading.

You must be thinking “How am I going to proofread my paper”. Well, we have the answer to your question. In this article, we will tell you some proofreading tools available on the internet and that is free to use. You can use these tools and submit or publish your paper without any errors. Whereas, if you want to proofread your dissertation paper then you can take dissertation help online and make your paper perfect.

Top Free Proofreading Tools Online

Let’s review some proofreading tools on the internet that are essential and will help you in writing a paper free from errors, one by one.


Grammarly is a very cool proofreading online tool that is very popular these days. You might have seen its advertisements on Google. This online tool is widely used by writers, bloggers, and students widely. This tool works incredibly well. Firstly, you need to create your account and sign up. After signing up there is an option “new document”, click on it and upload your file. You can even copy your document and paste it on the Grammarly screen. The tool will automatically start detecting the errors in your document which you can see on the right corner of your screen.

The best part is that this tool not only highlights the errors but also gives you suggestions to changes that error. This tool also indicates the clarity percentage and the performance rate in your paper. You can also check the readability score using this tool and improve your paper accordingly. These are the basic features which you can get for free. However, this tool has some premium features which include deep correction of your document. Plagiarism checkers and much more, but you have to pay money to have access to premium features. Nevertheless, you can easily proofread your paper efficiently using Grammarly’s basic features without any investment.

To make your work further easy this online tool allows you to download it for your MS Office and Outlook. Yes, you can have a chrome extension for Grammarly and can easily proofread your paper on your Word document or on Outlook at the same time.

Language Tool

Another popular online proofreading tool is the Language Tool. This tool is funded by the European Union and is very friendly to use. This online tool is also integrated well as an extension with Google Chrome and Firefox. It also provides support with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Outlook and many others.

This online tool is free to use and helps to make your document free from errors. All you have to do is to copy and paste your text here. The online tool will indicate the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other sentence errors if any. The highlighted red ones need to be changed compulsorily and the blue ones are suggestions that will help you to improve the ambiguity of the texts. This tool allows you to check up to 20,000 characters at one time. However, this tool doesn’t ask for sign-in, thus, if you use this tool online then you have to enter your text and check for grammar errors.

Pro Writing Aid

If you are looking for a user-friendly proofreading tool online, then Pro Writing Aid is the best tool for you. This online tool checks the grammatical errors, active and passive voice errors in writing style, spelling mistakes, and highlights over-used words. Like other online tools, this platform is also integrated with Google Chrome, Google Docs, MS Word, and Open Office. You can also download the extension to ease your writing process and to eliminate errors at the same time.

This free online tool allows you to review errors in the text however, it can check up to 500 characters only. If you want to upgrade the tool you need to pay some money to avail of that. The limited amount of text check is one of the drawbacks of this tool.

Google Docs

The fourth popular online tool is Google Docs. This tool is free to use and is user-friendly. You have to sign up with your account and enter your text. Once you paste your document here, it will automatically start detecting errors in your document. The tool checks for basic grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Google Doc is perfect for Intermediate to advanced writing levels. This is the best platform for those who are looking for a quick check for grammatical errors and a quick spelling check. However, the Google Docs tool highlights basic errors thus, it is good if you want someone to proofread your paper very quickly and that also for free.

Ginger Software

Ginger Software is another very quick, efficient, and user-friendly online proofreading tool. This online tool is similar to that of Grammarly and proofreads your paper from basic to advance error searching. This online tool is also integrated with MS Office, Outlook, Chrome and also provides support to Mac software. Thus, it is a good online proofreading tool to use.

Spell Check

Spell check is an efficient online proofreading tool that uses a high-level yet easy-to-understand interface for all of you to check your content to check whether there are any mistakes in your content. The incredible component about this tool is that it focuses on various mistakes made by second-language students of English. So this instrument is a gift for individuals whose local language isn’t English who actually need to improve their English composing abilities.

Spell check in addition to configuration nearly takes after the MS Word interface yet it will get more linguistic mix-ups that MS Word will not get. This apparatus permits you to glue the content into the content box, when you enter the content, you will check whether there any blunders in your duplicate subsequent to tapping the catch “Check Text”.

This online proofreading tool can identify issues with words that sound similar. For example; there versus there, it versus it’s, and so on. This instrument gets a great many usually befuddled words that other spell checkers disregard.

Grammar LookUp

Grammar lookup is another light-free proofreading tool that is useful for quick grammar checks. This online tool is easy to use and highlights, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and other grammatical errors along with styling issues. This tool has a very quick analyzing software that highlights the errors very quickly. These are the few best online proofreading tools that you should use to have a perfect piece of writing. However, if you are worried about the perfection of your dissertation paper then worry no more and submit a perfect dissertation by taking dissertation help online.

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