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10 Free dissertation topics for Management Studies

Getting a dissertation topic approved by academic supervisors can be quite challenging since they want students to explore diverse areas and unique cases in management. Considering all this you must be wondering what kind of topic in a plethora of topics, is the one for you? The topic you choose should strike a chord with you. It should be interesting while being easy to deal with. While allowing you to work on both the theoretical and practical areas of management. When you don’t find your topic of interest, you eventually start wondering how someone can just do my dissertation for me UK. That’s okay everyone thinks like that at some point. However, since we don’t want you thinking that, we have compiled 10 topics that might draw out your attention:

Business management during COVID-19.

The pandemic has catapulted the business world into a tumultuous excitement. While some are going into ruin, others are booming in business. For example, industries related to soaps, sanitizers are flourishing, while having no dine-ins various eateries have suffered great loss. This topic tends to review the challenges faced by various large and small-scale businesses. It further intends to explore how the businesses are recovering from the loss. What are their shortcomings? What strategies have they applied so far to cope up with their loss? How far have they succeeded?

Analyzing and Comparing the Traditions and Trends in Public Administration and Management in Post-WWII Europe with the Modern Era.

This case study would require analysis carried out using a systematic literature review. This will be quite appealing, don’t you think? If you are inclined to take a historic view and create a contrast between today and Post World War II. You can compare the traditions and trends of the two ages.

The main purpose behind this research is to analyze the variant characteristics of cultural and national communities that have influenced the domains of public administration and management in post-World War II Europe. How has this field advanced in today’s world? Is this advancement for the better or for worse? You can even cite documentaries to make this even more interesting.

Analyzing the Factors that Impact International Differences in Gender Pay Gap.

Gender studies are applied to various areas, be it education or business. This dissertation aims to use the concepts like net supply, wage structures, and compression, collective bargaining coverage. It attempts to examine the unionized wage setting to identify the lowered international gender pay gap. Quantitative techniques for data analysis can be used to highlight the power dynamics under which the two genders work in. How this dynamic is related to wage deduction, incentives, appraisals, etc.

The Impact of Organizational Goals on Organization Behavior

This research will primarily focus on the combination of various factors from the theory of self-determination to the theory of action. Such so, that it highlights how to develop a model that will explain the relationship between organizational goals, the organizational setting lead to favorable organizational behavior. The research can be conducted using mixed research methodologies.

Analyzing the Impact of Daily Psychological Power on Organizational Leaders.

This case study will investigate the effect of daily exercise of psychological power which can be observed in various forms of abusive behavior and potential incivility. The research can use both quantitative and qualitative techniques using case files and handing out sample questionnaires to a target audience. This research will aim to analyze how power-holders are interdependent and stand in relation to work contexts.

The Impact of Psychosocial Hazards on Workplace Risk Management.

If you are interested in a psychological approach towards management studies. This topic might be your thing. As the topic sentence implies, this case study will investigate risk management practices in workplaces of various industry sectors. Especially concerning the rampant increase in the high risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and mental health disorders (MHDs). You can highlight how workplace risk management is proportional to psychosocial hazards and in return to the mental wellbeing of employees. You can even include snippets from the pamphlet on work and mental health by WHO. This case study can best be conducted using a qualitative approach to research.

Evaluating the Relationship between the personality of a CEO and Employee Motivation.

Have you heard about an evergreen topic? Well, you got yourself one! This classic will never get old or worn out. The more the business world expands, the more relevant it becomes. This topic is here to stay for good. You can get all the literature review with this one.

However, you will decide the course of direction with this Goldie, because here it gets tricky. While you work on employer-employee relationships, you need to consider what is happening in the world currently. Your topic can use the classic to relate with the modern times. Here’s how. You can assess whether a CEO’s character possesses the power to influence employee motivation or not. Then compare the concepts of vigorously expanding entrepreneurship and start-ups and the changing preferences for office-based jobs. You can use case studies from various companies.

Dynamics of Corruption Culture Causing Distance to Core Values

Your dissertation will examine how corporate bribery impacts the workplace environment. How does it cause cultural distance between multinational corporates on a national and internal scale? For this, you may use case studies from various reports based on the topic statements or use empirical data collection and analysis techniques. This dissertation will also be analyzing the dynamics of corruption causing organizational distance with regards to the core values a company tends to promote.

What effect would Brexit have on UK industrial policies?

The British exit from the European Union has caused a great ripple in the ocean of the world economy. This topic statement will investigate how Brexit affected Britain. Especially with regards to Europe being its most important export market and its biggest source of foreign investment. How did the EU membership benefit Britain in elevating London’s position as a global financial center? What problems is it facing in terms of moving raw material and goods to and from the European Union now that it has left? How was being in the EU a great advantage in terms of clearance without paying taxes or tariffs? This dissertation topic requires qualitative research techniques.

Influence of advertising on consumer culture

Advertising and promotion are the initial developmental stages in every business. Choosing this topic for the thesis tends to explore the modern and traditional modes of advertising. How the choices of people vary following the change in environment? How these modes of advertising have helped increase consumerism in the coming ages. What are the positive and negative outcomes it has resulted in. you can go ahead with either mode of research methodologies, both may go well with this topic.

Management Studies involve a deep understanding of different areas of management. From employer-employee relationship to risk management. From organizational behavior to various aspects of business management, everything comes under the hood of management studies. When deciding on a topic for your management dissertation, you need to pick a topic that explores both the theoretical and practical aspects of management. If the topic does not appeal to you, eventually you will revert to the thought of how someone can just do my dissertation for me UK. If it is of your interest, it will be easier to understand and work on. You don’t need to get things in a whirl to sound complex. Remember the ‘keeping things simple idea’. Then all you need is some motivation and a pinch of internet magic dust!

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