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10 Foods to Help You Study and Stimulate Memory

The brain plays an important role in the human body. In fact, it is the main part of the body that controls every organ and its functions. Our brain is like a computer processor that is responsible to process each and every function. However, the brain also needs energy and power to keep its performance level high. A student’s brain needs more energy than an ordinary person because of its greater usage. Therefore, it is a great idea to keep your brain working efficiently.

The foods you eat play an important role in keeping your brain healthy and support it to keep on continuing its function with full power and energy. This article is very interesting as it will cover the ten best foods that every student should definitely eat for having a healthy mind for their studies and to stimulate their memory. Where else if you are struggling with your dissertation then stop worrying now because we have a solution for you! You can hire dissertation writers UK and save your brain’s energy for something beneficial. Let’s have a look at the ten foods that are best for your brain.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contains EPA and DHA synthetic substances that make it best for the cerebrum. This advances solid cerebrum work and is significant for our prosperity. Fatty fish helps the students in conquering their pressure as it makes more potential in the body to oppose the downturn and stress because of studies. The dynamic fats in the slick fish likewise help in reviewing the data saved in the awareness of the human psyche that implies it improves one’s memory as well. Consequently, on the off chance that you are an understudy, you should add this food to your eating routine to help your brainpower.


Blueberries are also a source of power for your brain. It not only helps in stimulating your memory but also helps in increasing the power of the brain. It is also known as medicine of “short-term temporary loss”. According to the latest research conducted by Tufts University that if a person suffering from the problem of memory loss, eats blueberries daily for a month, soon he/ she can be free from memory loss. It means eating blueberries can help in ending the memory loss issue.

If you cannot eat blueberries in the raw form you can intake them in the form of milkshake, juices, pancakes, or in any other thing. Students should definitely add blueberries to their study habits to improve their brain’s power. In case you do not have blueberries you can eat cherries, black currant or any other berry as all of them help in improving the health of the brain.


Nuts are vital for the mind, particularly for an understudy. Nuts, not just aides in securing the capacities of your cerebrum yet additionally build the force of your learning and one can hold heaps of information without any problem. As nuts contain Vitamin E and which improves the memory of an individual twice. As per the investigation of the American Journal of Epidemiology, the utilization of nutrient E assists with ensuring psychological decrease particularly in old age. One ought to consistently eat nuts during study or on the other hand, can have verdant vegetables, seeds, earthy colored rice, and olives for the utilization of Vitamin E.


Turmeric is of great benefit to the mind. Turmeric is not added as a spice for flavors but also to enhance the working of the brain. Turmeric is an anti-oxygen that helps the brain to continue its function with full potential.

Turmeric helps in improving memory by eliminating the barriers in its growth.it also provides support to the brain cells to produce faster and at a greater pace. Not only this, but turmeric has also proved to reduce tension and stress along with the removal of Alzheimer’s disease. Adding turmeric powder’s use daily either on your baked potatoes or a tablespoon of it in a hot milk cup will definitely help you in increasing your brain’s potential.


Eggs. are one of the superfoods that are vital for stimulating intellectual competence for considering are eggs. An egg contains nutrients B – B6 and B12 alongside folic acids which helps in lessening the levels of the homocysteine component in the blood. The decrease of such levels in blood forestalls the contracting of the cerebrum and helps in keeping up its original capacity limit. Choline, the egg yolk is supposed to be advantageous for the human body particularly for youngsters since it supports the memory of a human. So make eggs a piece of your eating routine either as bubbled egg or seared one or some other structure you like.

Pumpkin Seeds

The brain needs loads of micronutrients to continue its functioning healthy. Pumpkin is the greatest or we could say the king of micronutrients. It helps is in increasing the potential of the brain and also helps the person to remember things easily as it increases the space in the memory room. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium. Copper and zinc. If you don’t like to add Pumpkin seeds to your food, you can even eat pumpkin fruit in your salad or in your fruit bowl daily in order to stimulate your memory.


Tomatoes contain ‘lycopene’ an incredible cell reinforcement. This component makes a tomato exceptional as it helps in forestalling free extreme harm. The utilization of tomatoes gives the mind an edge to improve its usefulness and furthermore improve the reasoning force. You can have tomatoes cut into cuts with some lemon taste or can have it in your serving of mixed greens bar or you can cook it in minimal olive oil by adding a few flavours you love in it to increase your body’s ingestion. Options in contrast to tomatoes are papaya, watermelon and pink grapefruit.


Love any motivation to take a short quick rest? Staggering news. Caffeine, in little portions, can invigorate you and help you concentrate. In the event that you’re not a coffee buyer, pick green tea, which furthermore contains the L-thiamine amino destructive to keep you animated and prepared, short the shakes. You can even have dull chocolate as it gives the cell reinforcement properties which helps in forestalling intellectual decrease and upgrades your core interest. Chocolate and caffeine can likewise assist you with improving your memory, sharpness and lucidity as it builds the progression of blood in the cerebrum.


Oranges, rich in vitamin C and is anti-oxidant fruit. It not only glows your skin or adds fiber to your body but also helps in improving the health of the brain. It helps the brain to fight against the radicles that damage the brain cells. In short, it protects the brain cells from being damaged.


Last but not the least, broccoli is a powerful antioxidant that is rich in vitamin K. it is a perfect food that 100% helps in increasing the memory of the brain. Doctors suggest a daily intake of broccoli for better memory. These are the few superfoods that students should definitely add to their food diet to enhance their brainpower. If you need help with your dissertation then take help from dissertation writers UK and do not waste your brain energy in worrying. Good Luck!

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